Preps For Procedures

Most of our colonoscopy and endoscopy procedures are scheduled in our Ambulatory Surgery Center located at 425 Post Road in Fairfield, Connecticut. You will be given detailed instructions for your procedure in advance. If you have questions please call (203) 292-0000 Your doctor will decide how you should best prepare for your procedure and you will be given an instruction sheet.Basic Prep Sheets You should use the prep sheet your doctor has given to you for the procedure you have scheduled. In some cases a staff member may direct you to download one of the preps listed below. These should only be used with the direction of your doctor or a staff member. Please call (203) 292-0000 if you have any questions about your prep.


  1. Upper Endoscopy Prep
  2. Flex Sig Prep


  1. Miralax Prep
  2. Movi Prep
  3. Osmo Prep 
  5. Suprep Prep
  6. Trilyte Prep
 12. Clenpiq Prep
 13. Plenvu Prep

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